Vision : To provide the framework for every student to successfully complete a post-secondary education program in an environment that is right for them.

Mission Statement : To empower the whole student to take ownership of his or her education by helping the student identify their purpose, direction and motivation to achieve their goals. The more you know, the more informed you are, the better your decision making will be about your educational future.

Long-range Goal : To play a role in eradicating the Achievement Gap and ensuring every student graduating from high school has a plan for his or her future; a roadmap to success.

Short-range Goals : To introduce resources: This is Chess NOT Checkers and the accompanying Workbook, to students in middle schools and high schools across the nation through small group workshops; with an emphasis on our underperforming schools. Provide ongoing support to teachers and administrators through our train-the-trainers workshops to maintain positive momentum with their students’ success plans.


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