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Just as amatuer to world-class athletes need strength and conditioning coaches to get to the next level, we need life coaches to get to the next level of our lives as well.

See what a life coach can do for you.

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This Is Chess NOT Checkers!

Words of Inspiration

For most kids, high school had many upsides and few downs, but college and university life are way different. Here, no one knows your name or your past accomplishments. While you were once a big fish in a small pond, you are now the tiniest fish in an ocean of people.

How do you make it work? Is a large university, small college, community college, or career training the right path for you?

Hershell Earnest's This Is Chess NOT Checkers is here to help.

With anecdotes from his own life, he provides insight for the graduating high schooler, the college freshmen, parents, and those entering the workforce. Full of wisdom plucked from real life students from all walks of life.

Here's a tip from Hershell: "It all begins with taking ownership of your education and how you manage your vision of yourself. If you are living life unintentional and reactionary, it’s like playing checkers; waiting for something to happen to make your next move. What if your educational/life goals were strategically planned and your decisions were calculated from the opening, middle and end of school, how successful would you be in the transition to college or into adulthood? Remember, in life...”

This Is Chess NOT Checkers!

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This Is Chess NOT Checkers.

The transition from high school to college or to living life as an adult can not only be scary, it can also be a rude awakening.

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